I would like to thank you very much for all you did for me with my cataract surgery.  I am very pleased with everything, I am amazed at how I can see and enjoy my new sight.

L. McClennen.

The only way I can describe my experience with Dr. Jill Schneider; she is compassionate, very caring and warm.  Her staff is friendly and efficient.  I am proud to have been able to refer 3 new patients to her.  Dr. Schneider has mine complete trust in her experience and care for her patients.  In her present I was at ease.  Thank you.

I just wanted to document my visitation experiences at the doctor’s office. Helene is always so welcoming and the doctor’s assistants are so very personable. Needless to say, Doctor Schneider is amazing… so warm, friendly, concerned, caring, yet so very professional.

During my latest visit I had an extremely bad cough. The entire staff along with doctor were genuinely concerned as I literally coughed continuously and extremely forceful. They gave me water and time to calm my cough asking if I thought I could get home safely. They all cared and not only saw to my eyes, but also saw to my other physical needs in order to discharge me safely.

This is my idea of a well coordinated and caring staff with a doctor who really takes time and has concern for her patients. I can’t say enough about how I trust and support this practice. They truly put the patient first. – J.S.

I have worked in a hospital for over 25 years, I think by this time I can recognize the “real thing”. Dr. Jill Schneider inspires confidence with her knowledge, her professionalism and her “humanity”. She is also a very comfortable, warm and sweet lady. My friends have called to thank me for recommending her. She is a jewel! – E. M.