Dear Dr. Schneider,

I must tell you what a breath of fresh air you are to those of us who come to rely on the medical community for our regular care. As I entered your office today for my yearly eye exam, I knew I would be treated with sensitivity and respect not only by you, but by your caring and competent staff.

As you have on so many visits in the past, you always make me feel as if I truly matter. You took all the time you needed to answer all my questions and explained the procedures you were running on me. You interacted with me in a very professional and compassionate manner. Your very personal attention to my needs, and I suspect all your patient’s, should be a model for others in the health care profession to follow. And I must say your smile and cheerful personality is downright contagious. I felt better just being in your presence.
I cannot say this about too many doctor’s visits, but I am already looking forward to my next year’s appointment. Keep up the truly marvelous work you and your staff are doing.

Warm regards,
Bob O